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Mafina B.V


Mafina B.V. has evaluated its corporate governance setup against the Dutch Corporate Governance Code and concluded that it satisfies the principles and best practice provisions of the Code with four exceptions listed below.


We sets the standards and principles which should underlying the design and implementation of tank storage facilities and services for the safe and secure storage of crude oil and petroleum/petrochemical products in accordance with.




The MAFINA B.V. activities are (among others) place in the industry: Freight forwarders, shipping agents, shippers and other freight brokers. This sector is the main category "Transportation and storage" and in this case further subdivided in: "Storage and support activities for transportation," subcategory "transport services".


The private company Mafina BV is located in Rosary 1 Swifterbant where it was registered and also has a terminal in Mafina BV Bezuidenhoutseweg 273 's-gravenhage, 2594 AN Netherlands. Mafina BV is active in the sector Freight forwarders, shipping agents and shippers, Storage, transportation; weighing and measuring. The company is at the Chamber of Commerce Chamber of Commerce registered under number 27048538, located in External Swifterbant in Dronten. In all of Mafina BV has more than hundred thousand workers.


We operate a Flexible tank storage terminal and a trusted value in the Antwerp port Belgium, Europort Rotterdam Netherlands. The average storage capacity of our company is 1.4 million cubic meters in the whole of europe. 


 as a dynamically developing service company in terms of responsibilities and standards, is the principal inspection service control Body in the Netherlands. Since its establishment, its Management Board has set the goal to reach out for good in all areas of pipeline transportation, storage facilities, trucking services and many more.

Mafina B.V.

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